Nye XMRV-tester fra WPI i juli

Posted on 08/06/2011


I følge en pressemelding fra VipDx, vil nye tester for XMRV være tilgjengelig fra 1. juli. Les hele pressemeldingen her.  Testene vil være tilgjengelige for europeiske pasienter via RED Labs i Belgia.

1. The non-profit Whittemore-Peterson Institute reports that a virus culture test to diagnose XMRV will be available by July 1.

2. VIP Dx will be acquired by & move to the WPI’s new Reno-based Center for Molecular Medicine in August, taking the name Unevx.

3. Testing will be extended to European patients via a non-exclusive licensing agreement with R.E.D. Labs in Belgium.

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